As the 2020 season approached, my colleagues and I at Four Seasons Marquees were getting set for a “Marquee Season to end all” but none of us had anticipated that it would be for all the wrong reasons. Due to parties and weddings being interrupted through Covid-19.

On a ‘normal’ day to day basis, I would take enquiries, complete site visits, liaise with suppliers and heading to site to check in before the event day. As I am sure you can imagine, this day to day routine has changed quite dramatically over the last couple of months.

In the virtual office we have adapted and changed the way we function. We have been working alongside the NHS, supermarkets and businesses, providing temporary structures to support the current crisis. This was most certainly not the type of work we were expecting or hoping to be doing.

Most of the weddings we had booked for this year have by now all postponed to 2021. Some of the May and June dates are scheduled for this Autumn but on the whole most of our clients have moved their wedding date forward by exactly 12 months.

We have had quite a lot of customers seek advice from us with regards to postponing their events. No one knows what to expect or even when the industry will be back up and running. For those getting married towards the end of 2020 and debating whether to postpone their event, I think it’s really important to take your time with these decisions. Weigh up all of the pros and cons, whilst bearing in mind that there is a big difference in ‘can it happen’ and ‘will it be the wedding we want’.

In what would usually be a busy time, I have had the opportunity to consider new products and styling in the wedding arena. Scouring through our Instagram & Pinterest pages trying to predict where the trends are going to take us! The ‘rustic’ theme is still very popular and our canvas & wood pole tents certainly set the scene here. Also clear roof panel and panoramic windows & adding festoon lighting with warm white LED’s in the ceiling space. We love the wooden cross back chairs and rustic trestle tables which look superb in both traditional and contemporary marquees. We have new (and still unwrapped for this year) outdoor wooden dance floor and wooden Rustic bar, plus fire pits and oak barrels as tables. If there is more unlocking for the larger outdoor gatherings this summer then these products combined may well get to see some action this year after all !

We are looking forward to getting back to normal and helping our clients as soon as possible.

Guy Cregeen
Events Team
Four Seasons Marquee Ltd