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The traditional, quintessentially English, canvas marquee – our beautiful pole tents are made in the UK to our own high specifications. We have many different styles and shapes of natural canvas pole tents ranging from 20′ to 60′ wide. These are best suited to installation on grass and require extra space for the guy ropes. Pole tents are internally very light and spacious with good wall heights. The sides open up easily if the weather permits.

The classically beautiful swooping lines of the pole tents lend themselves to both elegant English weddings & garden parties through to the increasingly popular festival and vintage themed gatherings. The internal poles can be wrapped with LED lights or floral arrangements to further enhance the interior space. Pole tents are often left unlined to give a true vintage look.

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Unlike frame marquees, canvas pole tents cannot be attached to existing buildings and the centre poles have to be incorporated into any furniture layouts. However, for a vintage, elegant atmosphere the canvas pole tents are unsurpassed. With easily removeable walls, gardens and spectacular views become part of the entertaining space.

Our traditional canvas pole tents are only suitable for spring and summer use, May to September. However, on our Winter Marquees page you can see examples of our beautiful frame tents that are perfect for all year round use. With specialist flooring, heating and linings kept in stock, we can create the perfect entertaining space on any day of the year, whatever the weather.

The canvas and PVC material used in our Pole Tents is fire retardant to BS. All wooden poles are treated and stained with Danish Oil and all our canvas pole tents come with wooden finials, centre pole dollies plus brown, aged hempex rope.
Full height Panoramic window wall sections are available for all sizes of our Pole Tents.
To discuss your event in more detail and arrange a site visit, please call our office on 01420 488477. We pride ourselves on our exemplary service, attention to detail and a wide range of hire stock.

Technical data for Pole & Tension Tents (dimensions in feet)
60′ wide Kingsley PVC Tension Tent (available in 90′ and 120′ lengths). Centre poles = 26′ high and Wall Poles = 8′ high

40′ wide Traditional Canvas Pole Tent (available in 40′, 60′, 80′ & 100′ lengths). Centre Poles = 21’6 high and Wall Poles = 7′ high

30′ wide Kingsley Canvas Pole Tent (available in 30′, 70′ & ’90 lengths). Centre Poles = 19′ high and Wall Poles = 7′ high.
30′ wide Canvas Pole Tent (available in 30′,45′ and 60′ lengths) Centre Poles = 17′ high and Wall Poles = 7′ high
20′ wide Kingsley Canvas Pole Tent (available in 30′ and 50′ lengths)Centre Poles = 15’6″ high and Wall Poles = 7′ high
20′ x 20‘ Jang Tent. Centre Pole = 13’ 6 and Wall Poles = 7″ high

Our Products

Frame Marquees

A full range of clear span frame tents from 2m to 20m wide.

Pole Tents

Beautiful, traditional, canvas pole Marquees.

Pagodas & Awnings

A range of bespoke Pagodas and Awnings for all year round hire.

Interiors & Flooring

Our wide range of marquee flooring, interiors and wall linings.


Atmospheric lighting for internal and external use.

Heating & Power

Internal and external, thermostatically controlled heaters and silent generators.


A wide range of formal and informal chairs, tables and seating & sofas.

Portable Loos

Luxury, fully stocked, mobile loos to accommodate any number of guests.

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