When considering the perfect setting for Marquee weddings in Surrey read on for our advice.

First you should consider what space you have available at your chosen location. This will help inform what type and size of marquee is best suited to your occasion. A pole tent gives a wonderful traditional feel to the classic English wedding, however they require good space around the edges for the guy ropes. If space is more limited, a frame tent which does not require additional space for  guy ropes will fit in a more confined position. Indeed our frame tents have even been erected on top of flat roof buildings for office events, requiring very little additional space.

The type of ground is also a consideration; we can advise on what will be best suited which is why we request this information on our enquiry form. We can advise on unusual locations such as on sloping ground, or astride a swimming pool or a marquee surrounding a tree.

Once the style of marquee is decided, interior furniture, flooring and fittings such as lighting can be tailored to the style of your event.

Our tents, pagodas and awnings can help to create the perfect setting for Marquee weddings in Surrey.