During the current pandemic, Four Seasons Marquees have picked up some innovative and unusual commissions such as for a drive through marquee for health checks.

The requirement for social distancing in many sectors is leading to much greater use of outside spaces, where the required spacing can be more easily controlled. Whether it is a medical health check facility where the patients stay in their vehicle, or even a vets surgery where animals are dropped off and collected. There are now many situations where an outside covered space is required, especially one which can be erected in a car park and allow cars to pass through.

The drive through concept is not new, from drive in Cinemas to drive through fast food counters. However, these are now being joined by many new applications where space can be controlled and interactions kept outside where there is plenty of natural ventilation which has been shown to slow the spread of the virus.

Many of these applications may well become permanent over time, however in the short term, a drive through marquee erected in the car park can make the difference between a business being allowed to operate safely or being forced to stay closed.