Pole Tents

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We have many different styles and shapes of natural canvas (and pvc) pole tents ranging from 20' to 60' wide. These are best suited to go on grass and require extra space for the guy ropes. Pole tents are very light and spacious internally, with good wall height which is easy to open up the sides if the weather permits!

Technical data for Pole tents (dimensions in feet)

  • 60' wide Kingsley PVC Tension Tent (available in 90' and 120' lengths)
    Centre Poles = 26' high and Wall Poles = 8' high

  • 40' wide Traditional Canvas Pole Tent (available in 40',60', 80' & 100' lengths)
    Centre Poles = 21' 6" high and Wall Poles = 7' high

  • 30' wide Kingsley Canvas Pole Tent (availble in 30', 70' & 90' lengths)
    Centre Poles = 19' high and Wall Poles = 7' high

  • 30' wide Canvas Pole Tent (availble in 30',45' and 60' lengths)
    Centre Poles = 15' high and Wall Poles = 7' high

  • 20' wide Kingsley Canvas Pole Tent (available in 30' and 50' lengths)
    Centre Poles = 15'6" high and Wall Poles = 7' high

  • 20' x 20' Jang Tent
    Centre Pole = 13' and Wall Poles = 6'6"

All PVC and Canvas material is Fire retardant to BS
All wooden poles are treated and stained with Danish oil
All canvas pole tents come with wooden finials and centre pole dollies
Full height Panoramic window wall sections are available for all sizes of pole tents

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