Heating and Power

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Indirect external heaters available for all sizes of marquees, thermostatically controlled from inside marquee. Small or large silent diesel generators with distribution boards and cabling. For outdoor heating why not try our new fire pits.

Heating Options

Indirect heaters with ducting via marquee wall with diffuser & thermostat inside

Direct Space heaters with gas

Cabinet Heaters with gas

Electric radiators

Road tow Generators

30kva Generator with 50 hours run time, Distribution board & 25m of cable

50kva Generator with 50 hours run time, Distribution board & 25m of cable

80kva Generator with 50 hours run time, Distribution board & 25m of cable

Sockets, Fuel and Bulk tanks

Delivery, Collection, Fuel & Insurance

Mains Power Board

A standard house power normally has between 60-100amps supply. Our qualified electrician can connect into your mains and take a long large cable from that point to the mrquee/service tent area. From there we install a distribution board and install sockets for catering, entertainment and lighting. Where more than 100amps is required to power an installation a generator will be required.

You convert Watts to Amps by Dividing total watts by 240, being the voltage. E.G. 16870 watts divided by 240=70.29amps. The nearest power supply to this is 100 amps. Be aware the longer the cable the greater the voltage drop.

To discuss your requirements in more detail or to arrange an appointment please telephone our office on 01420 488477. We pride ourselves on our personal service, attention to detail and wide choice of hire stock.

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