Frame Marquees

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A comprehensive range of clear span frame tents from 2m wide to 20m wide. Roof and walls are made from white fire retardant PVC. Frame tents are completely free standing and can be assembled on hard or soft ground, they have no side lines or internal supports with adjustable bays to create virtually any width and length as required.

  • 15m Premium structure on 3m side height
  • 12m Siverline frame tent with entrance pagoda
  • 20m x 40m premium structure
  • 15m Portico entrance

  • 12m clearspan with georgian windows
  • Marqee decking with white umbrellas
  • Roof only pagodas with clear pvc frame tent
  • Glass fronted gable

  • 6m frame and walkway link to property
  • 9m Clearspan frame tent with panoramic windows
  • Adaptable 6m awning on terrace
  • Twin pagoda with retractable walls

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