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We carry an extensive range of flooring from coconut matting on grass to raised boarded floors covered in new exhibition carpet. We also provide temporary access roadways and ground levelling solutions for challenging locations.

Exhibition Carpet

We offer Anthracite, Midnight Blue and Champagne as stock colours of exhibition carpet. We can also supply a wider range of alternative colours.

Floor Matting

We use a new man made polyproplene natural flooring on polythene underlay to keep it dry on the inside and protect the grass underneath.

Outdoor Flooring

2m wide runs of outdoor matting in dark green to keep entrance and pathways clean and dry from busy footfall.

2m x 1.5 entrance mats to protect clean carpet. 1m x 1m x 20mm thick rubber sections of flooring for wet and muddy entrance ways and walkways.

Raised boarded floor

Our Floor System consists of 18mm treated boards raised off the ground by 6cm for soft/uneven ground. Carpet laid over the top for best finish.

Levelling and Platforms

Custom built solutions for more awkward ground levels & terrains can be constructed as well as large stages and platforms.

Temporary Roadway

We can supply Aluminium roadway panels in 3m width by any length or combination.

To discuss your requirement in more detail and arrange a site visit call us on 01420 488477. We pride ourselves on our exceptional service, attention to detail and wide choice of hire stock.

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